Smog, Perfume and Hilary Clinton

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What is going on in the world? I’ve just turned on the news. Those of you who know me may be shocked, but I’ve seen the episode of Miss Marple being aired so I’m on Aljazeera and what do I see? Smog in Delhi has visibility down to 15 metres, a piece of whale puke sells for $100,000 – I’ll expand on that it a moment –  and someone has blown up a mosque! What?? Where do I start? With the mosque. Although I’m not a follower of any institutional religion, I respect anyone’s faith and recognise that religious belief provides millions of people with enormous comfort and provides the more wayward among us with a moral compass. Thus, I am horrified that anyone thinks it’s in anyway acceptable to bomb a place of worship. The smog – what are we doing to our planet? And finally, that oh so valuable whale puke… Dug up on a British beach by a man and his dog, the aromatic mass is valued at $100,000. Used in high-end perfumes for its musky aroma, the ball of vomit – which looked like a mouldy cheese, matures over time to become… priceless. So we spray ourselves with mouldy whale vomit? I’m speechless… Crazy as my life is on Chicken Road, I think I’d rather live with the three c’s; kids, cats and coffee. The only sensible thing I heard on the news came from Hilary Clinton. She said, and I paraphrase horribly, that women and girls should be treated as equals, with respect and dignity, this will change the world and the global economy. I couldn’t agree more – where do we start?


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