Here’s Johnny!

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Why am I watching The Shining alone at midnight? I don’t know what scares me more, Jack or that 70’s orange carpet. Oh no, the cook’s just arrived, I really hope he doesn’t get it. But he just did. And I screamed and scared the cat. I’ve just realized I’ve never seen this all the way through… It’s the music, the red bathroom, that crazy man in a bear suite, and that even crazier elephant cord dress the wife is wearing. I can’t believe the poor cook came all that way to be axed. Literally. Hope I didn’t give the plot away to anyone…

Redrum, redrum… there’s so much blood!

I need Flossy the cat to come and protect me, or at least a pillow to hide behind… Run! Run! Run to the snow cat and don’t’ drop the knife!

All work and no play makes Jack and Dull boy…

Phew, it’s all over… I’m such a lightweight, Jack scares me, the Overlook Hotel scares me, heck even the orange carpet scares me. I think I need to watch The Little Mermaid or The Muppets before I can go to bed….


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