Chicken Road is a real place; with more magic than Hogwarts, greater villains than Darth Vader, and a community tighter than a prison. The Writer’s Retreat houses an oracle, a vampire cat and more nuts than you can shake a shovel at. And despite all this, Chicken Road has heart. It’s a place where neighbours help each other out, where people say ‘hello’ and where everyone knows your name and complete life story… See the world through Chicken Road eyes and join me as I hack back the ‘sleeping beauty’ hedge, tame wild beasts, dabble in danger and sit on the front step in my jammies drinking my morning coffee and waving to all the neighbours. Welcome to Chicken Road.

And, Chicken Road is on facebook – become a friend of Chicken Road!

Who am I?  Custard lover, mad baker, cat fancier, chocolate obsessive, enjoyer of all things mythological, legendary and folkloric, blogger, web tinkerer and fiction author.  Trained as an archaeologist/anthropologist and later as a sociologist. But where I ask you, is the custard?

Currently, web tinkering, blogging and general social media meddler for several companies and working on two junior fantasy fiction books; StoryMaster and The Penny Well as well as a book not fit for children… Read it if you dare, the first thrilling, terrifying and utterly politically incorrect installment of: Incubus Tat the Vampire Cat whose first adventure is called The Ninth Life.

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