Trapped without wine! My bad…

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Another day in the tropical jungle of Mount Vernon, Westchester, NY and I find myself trapped by a faulty door knob. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. And if that isn’t strange enough, before my impromptu incarceration, I had searched three grocery stores for a bottle of wine and come up empty handed. What is going on?

Three grocery stores selling beer but no wine? The first one I put down to a fluke. The second to very bad luck, but the third, Trader Joe’s, home of the mighty Two Buck Chuck, was a sure thing. Surely. No? NO. Here in Westchester is a Two-Buck-Chuckless-TJ’s. What is this – the end of the world? People of Westchester, what is going on? WHERE IS YOUR WINE?

My question was answered by a very nice man in a wine shop in Pelham. Apparently, the grocery stores can not sell alcohol over 8% Vol.

Fortunately, that conversation happened last night, while I was buying an over sized bottle of Cab. Before the door knob got stuck. Turns out it is as light and fruity as the man in the shop said it would be. Oh, go on, it is afternoon and I am trapped, I’ll just break out the chocolate with that glass of wine. I’m bad 😉


Is Chicken Road Real?

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chicken road
Chicken Road – the sign above the door

Chicken Road is a real place; with more magic than Hogwarts, greater villains than Darth Vader, and a community tighter than a prison. The Writer’s Retreat houses an oracle, a vampire cat and more nuts than you can shake a shovel at. And despite all this, Chicken Road has heart. It’s a place where neighbours help each other out, where people say ‘hello’ and where everyone knows your name and complete life story…

See the world through Chicken Road eyes and join me as I hack back the ‘sleeping beauty’ hedge, tame wild beasts, dabble in danger, and sit on the front step in my jammies drinking my morning coffee and waving to all the neighbours. Welcome to Chicken Road.

And, Chicken Road is on facebook – become a friend of Chicken Road!

Hijacked then hacked!

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Or was it really the other way around… one of the websites I work on:, started twitching just before Xmas. When I say twitching, I mean strange and unexplainable things happening, gremlins in the cyber machine, gremlins promoting Viagra of all things. OK, bad pictures in my head. Anyway, I noticed that when the blog posts reached the facebook page, they no longer contained the content I had written, but an advert for the little blue pills! I pulled everything apart that I could think of and decided to simple remove the description until I could figure it out. After my Xmas break, I check the web site, ready to do some new year posting, only to discover that the website had been hacked by some cooky cyber army demanding freedom and proclaiming no mercy. Yikes! I won’t bore you with the details, but we got the website back and while making additional backups – I discovered the first hack – the Viagra takeover of my blogposts. The gremlins had planted their Viagra add right in the middle of the HTML code on the page header! The little critters have been evilly tinkering around for a while.  But today they saw BRIGHT LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT! KABOOM!  Better than the microwave. And if you’ve never seen Gremlins this will make absolutely no sense what so ever!